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“Providing superior custom training content and curriculum design is at the heart of any major training initiative,” ", "Doug Harward, Chief Executive Officer, Training Industry, Inc." ), array ( "Our boot camp went wonderfully! Everyone was thrilled with the excellent curriculum produced by Pearson, and the way it was taught by the instructor. Two participants have already found a job!", "Michele D’Amato, Program Manager at SAGEWorks" ), array ( "The combination of the program and credentials from NCCER along with the service and quality of materials from Pearson has made for an exceptional experience for our students", "Mike Barkett, President of the Mississippi Construction Education Foundation" ) ); //pick a random # witin count of testimonials $t_num = rand(1, count($testimonials)); //pick the testimonial and sig from the array according to the random number $testimonial = $testimonials[$t_num - 1][0]; $signature = $testimonials[$t_num - 1][1]; ?>

Whether you are hiring from outside the company or promoting from within, your organization needs an effective way to provide outstanding workforce development that offers the best results. Pearson Workforce Education can help you advance the skills set of your current and future employees while simultaneously maintaining and improving productivity. Our award-winning workforce education programs can be customized to fit the exact demands and needs of your corporation, association, or government organization.