Introduction to Welding

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Introduction to Welding, Instructor Led

40 hours |  Entry Level | eBook Available |  Leads to Certification


Preparation for Certification Exam


This course provides an introduction to the welding field, with an emphasis on the fundamental skills and essential safety in the workplace. The course will review important cutting techniques, the fundamentals of the Gas Metal Arc Welding process, and how to choose the right procedure for working with the metal at hand. The course will also cover how to read welding symbols and the codes used by certified welding inspectors. Essential information about electric currents and power sources and how this information affects cutting techniques is also reviewed.


Individuals who have not previously worked in the HVAC field and are looking to learn the basics about the HVAC profession in order to become an HVAC Technician.

  • Identify employment skills for welding technicians
  • Identify weld joint terminology and welding positions
  • Explain the components and techniques of Oxygen Fuel Cutting (OFC) and Plasma Arc Cutting (PAC)
  • Explain the history and components of the Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW) process
  • Describe the proper setup for Gas Metal Arc Welding
  • Describe the properties and uses for different types of metals on the job
  • Determine the correct procedures for welding several types of alloys
  • Explain the parts and applications of welding symbols
  • Understand the codes used by certified welding inspectors
  • Describe types of welding power sources and their functions