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Patient Access Specialist Bundle, Instructor Led

123 hours |  Entry Level | eBook Available |  Leads to Certification


Preparation for Certification Exam


This includes five courses that provide students with the skills necessary to work in the Patient Access Services field. The program includes topics like correct patient identification practices in maintaining patient safety, the importance of excellent customer service skills, accountable care, and patient satisfaction. Students will also learn about delivery of the critical components of the revenue cycle and compliance issues with regulatory agencies. In addition, students will gain a basic understanding of health insurance information and health care reform, medical billing and the claims submission process, and essential medical terminology as it relates to patient identification and billing processes. After completing this program, students will have the skills and knowledge required to sit for the Certified Healthcare Access Associate certification exam.


Students who are new to the health care field and wish to work in a front-line registration position in a hospital setting.

  • Define customer service in the healthcare industry
  • Explain why customer service is important in healthcare
  • Describe basic customer service rules for serving patients
  • Articulate all forms of communication in the healthcare field
  • Recognize best practices to resolve customer complaints or conflicts
  • Explain how customer satisfaction is measured in healthcare
  • Describe the employment skills and requirements in the patient access career field
  • Explain the history and types of health insurance available in the United States
  • Identify types of managed care contracts and their purposes
  • Describe the purpose and guidelines of diagnostic coding and how it affects the billing process
  • Describe the purpose and guidelines of procedural coding and its importance in the billing cycle
  • Identify the correct information needed to prepare and transmit accurate, complete health care claims
  • Explain the rules for eligibility and claims processing for Medicare plans
  • Explain the rules for eligibility and claims processing for Medicaid plans
  • Describe the background and billing and reimbursement process for Tricare, workers? compensation, disability, and Blue Cross
  • Explain the importance of medical terminology when documenting and communicating patient information
  • Build medical terminology related to body structures, functions and disorders
  • Describe the organization and structure of the human body Explain the revenue cycle and the functions of a Patient Access Specialist
  • Identify government and regulatory agency requirements applicable to the Patient Access Specialist position
  • Describe how the measurement of performance, safety, and accuracy relates to the future development of an organization
  • Explain the NAHAM (National Association of Healthcare Access Management) model and how it applies to the CHAA exam